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Why buy from TES? Having good support is critical to success. At TES we have over 25 years of experience with encapsulation and packaging machinery. Whether you need our techs to come take a look at your machine to keep it running it's best, you need to get a new operator up to speed via our training videos, or you need a quick question answered by a tech over the phone, TES has you covered.


TES provides the best service to our customers. Our service starts with installation and training at your facility with the purchase of a new machine. We continue offering support over the phone, through online documents and tutorial videos, and service calls from our factory trained technicians when requested.
Our goal is to keep your machines and operators running as efficiently as possible.


TES Machines are workhorses, solid and reliable. The very first automatic capsule filler we sold is still in production today, over 20 years later. We are committed to our customer's success for the life of their machine and business. Our slogan is 'Founded on Warranty, Focused on Service'. That principle is still with us today.


TES prides itself in its large inventory of spare parts. We know that having to wait for parts can make the difference between failure and success. Therefore, we have a full in-house machine shop that is fully equipped with advanced CNC machines so we are able to manufacture many parts in house.


We focus on capsule filling so you can be sure that when dealing with TES you will get the best solutions and value for your capsule filling needs. Furthermore, we want you to be successful, that all starts with the correct machine and trained personnel to operate it.  In Capsule filling you are dealing with a complex electromechanical machine in a harsh dusty environment. There is no doubt that there are going to be problems and issues, so having good support is critical to success.  We have seen cheap direct Chinese imports flood the market over the last few years, and while the initial cost is low, the long term cost is high due to lack of quality, training, support, documentation, parts availability, part interchangeability, electrical issues, poor quality control, and design issues.

A lot of  Chinese companies just copy one another and look for ways to cut corners to maintain a similar appearance but a lower price to manufacture.  Also, this results in a cheap machine that ultimately will suffer in function and longevity. Downtime can be very costly, and with a direct import support is very limited.  There are difficulties with the language, time of day, shipping time, parts not fitting, being sent the wrong parts. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price! TES prides itself on being the best valued machine on the market.

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TES wants to bring the best value to its customers so we do take advantage of the cheap manufacturing of China but have found that some aspects of the machines are better left for TES to finish ourselves.  For example, some Siemens touch screens and PLCs are not supposed to be sold outside of China, so there is zero support; no English software and no replacements available. We brought all this in house to have full control over the user interface and brains of the machine.

Our TES machines are made specifically for us and ship from China NOT complete. Upon arrival, we finish the machines by adding the power supply, programmable logic controller, touch screen, vacuum sensor, pressure sensor, maintenance lights, solid state relays, power cord, custom tamping springs, L-clips, magazine springs, turret springs, hollow closing pins, bowl spreader, hopper spreader, vacuum pump, secondary vacuum canister, vacuum valves, and vacuum hoses.

After installation of all the parts, TES inspects and cleans the machine.  Furthermore, we perform a function test before letting the machine ship. This process is labor intensive, which does add some cost to the machine, but we have found it necessary to ensure the quality of the product that we sell. We also include 5 days of training and installation for free with a new machine. This way a TES trained technician will be on site to make sure that your new machine is operating correctly and that all your personnel are well trained on its operation and maintenance. Also, all new machines have a one year warranty and free lifetime phone support. We provide you with access to our support site which has all the manuals, wire diagrams, parts lists, and an instructional video library.

When you buy from TES you become a valued customer. You are not just another number.  


Most NJP-1200 and some NJP-2000 machines are compact machines.  They have a smaller footprint so they can save on material cost and are cheaper to manufacture. This size machine is fine when you are only filling 5 capsules at a time, like a 700 capsule per minute machine. Anything larger, for example, an NJP-1200 or NJP-2000, and you will have some problems.

Trying to make everything fit into a compact frame requires smaller and thinner parts, which causes flex. Furthermore, when you are trying to fill and close 9-18 capsules at a time you need the power and rigidity that compact machines struggle to provide.  The angle at which the dosing cam is driving the tamping head also makes it so less pressure can be applied, resulting in the inability to reach some desired fill weights. The NJP machines also use a 10 station index which requires 36 degree of angle movement each index. That, combined with the small undersized gearbox, causes premature gearbox failures.  NJP machines also try to save on material cost by decreasing the hole to hole distance. Resulting in, smaller dosing bowl and segments but affects both the feeding and filling consistency, and makes the segments more prone to drop damage.

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On average TES machines weigh an extra 1,000 lbs than an NJP machine. For instance, the extra weight comes in the form of larger segments, disc, turret, shafts, cams, linkages, bearings, motors, table top and frame.  This makes our TES machines more powerful, robust, and rigid, resulting in a longer service life and smoother operation.


TES prides itself in having a huge inventory of spare parts. Therefore, we know that having to wait for parts can make the difference between failure and success.  We have a full in-house machine shop that is fully equipped with advanced CNC machines so we are able to manufacture many parts in house. And, many of our springs and filters are custom made locally. This ensures the best quality and availability for our customers.

Some Parts Made IN-HOUSE or locally sourced:

  • Top Segments
  • Bottom Segments
  • Tamping Pins
  • Dosing Discs (plastic and stainless)
  • Tamping Rings (plastic and brass)
  • Vacuum Shoes (plastic and brass)
  • Hollow Closing Pins*
  • Closing Plates
  • Ejection Pins
  • Cleaning Pins
  • Brush Pins*
  • Ejection Pin plates
  • Motion Shafts
  • Upper Carrier Shafts
  • Lower Carrier Shafts
  • Tamping Stations
  • Motion Shaft Housings
  • Closing Pin Plates
  • Tamping Pin Holding Plates
  • Power Cords*
  • Bowl Powder Spreaders*
  • Hopper Powder Spreaders*
  • Top Segment Carriers
  • Bottom Segment Carriers
  • Faulty Capsule Pins
  • Tamping Springs*
  • L clips*
  • Bearings
  • Fasteners
  • Cleaning Scoops*
  • Touch Screens (programmed in house)*
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (programmed in house)*
  • Variable Frequency Drives*
  • Power Supplies*
  • Turret Springs*
  • Vacuum Hoses*
  • Vacuum Valves*
  • Table Seals
  • Turret Seals
  • Safety Doors
  • Vacuum Sensors*
  • Pressure Sensors*
  • LED Maintenance Lights*
  • Proximity Sensors*
  • Door Interlocks
  • Safety Doors
  • Vacuum Filter Bags*
  • Dust Collection Filter Bags*
  • Vacuum Pumps*
  • Vacuum Canisters (Secondary)*

*Parts that are installed on every new machine.

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