Used 10,000L Ribbon Blender

This is a used 10,000 liter / 350 cubic foot ribbon blender. It’s in good working condition and features a standard U-shaped shell to allow easy loading in the top and more access for cleaning the machine, a pneumatic ball valve assembly for discharging, and an overhanging hook system to assist in loading product into the top of the machine.

Model: Tecnox / Ideal Solution 350-R Ribbon Blender

Serial: 26912021


  • 350 cubic foot / 10,000 liter max capacity (loading limit is generally a 75-80% full chamber to provide space for product to mix)
  • 60HP Motor w/ 3:1 gear ratio – 14 RPM
  • Stainless steel construction – food grade
  • U-shaped shell for easy cleaning and loading of product at the top of the machine
  • Double spiral ribbon for more complete mixing
  • Centered bottom outlet for discharge
  • Pneumatic dome valve style discharge
  • Open drive assembly on the side of the machine for easy maintenance
  • Stairs + mezzanine included
  • Supersack loading assembly on top
  • Hooks on bottom for Supersack discharge
  • 3 Separate loading lids, each with removable safety grate

Price: $320,000

This is a used machine and is sold as is. This is not made by TES and as such, TES does not stock spare parts for this machine or provide technical support. Please contact the original manufacturer if you need parts or service.

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