TES 2000A Automatic Capsule Filler

Automatic Capsule Filler / Automatic Encapsulator

The TES 2000A Automatic Capsule Filling Machine fills up to 120,000 capsules per hour. It can accurately fill capsule sizes 00-4 with powder or pellets. Features that make the TES 2000A user friendly are the proximity sensors to indicate low powder and capsules, multiple tamping stations to ensure consistent weights and easy adjustments on most products, convenient touch screen controls, emergency stop button and automatic shut off switch on all doors for operator safety. The enclosed turret design makes for simple clean up and maintenance. Quick change over time offers the customer the ability to run many products or one product continuously.

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  • Model: TES 2000A
  • Production: 120,000 caps/hour
  • Range: Size 00-4 Capsules (Change parts required for each size)
  • Air Requirement: 10 CFM @ 100 PSI, clean and dry
  • Power: 3 Phase 460V 60Hz, 20 Amps
  • Dimensions: L50″ x W50″ x H85″
  • Weight: 4410 lbs. (1600 kgs)


  • 12″ Color Touch Screen
  • Enclosed Turret
  • Tamping Pin style Dosing Station
  • Capsule and Powder level sensors
  • Door safety sensors
  • Swappable to capsule sizes 00-4 (Change parts required for each size)
  • Cam and gearbox combo driven system


  • TES 2000A Automatic Encapsulator with one set of change parts (Customer choice for capsule size)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 5 days training at customer’s facility – additional tech support always available as well, speak with TES rep for details
  • Separation vacuum pump with external filters, hoses
  • Dust collection vacuum pump with built in internal filter
  • Manual and electrical diagram
  • Note: Shipping not included in base prices, TES or customer can arrange shipping, speak with TES rep for details

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