Deitz Company HT6 Heat Tunnel

The Deitz Company HT6B Heat Tunnel machine automatically shrinks tamper-evident neck bands and sleeve labels onto glass bottles, plastic bottles and other containers. Whether using PET-G, PLA, PVC or another tamper-evident banding material, your bottles exit this heat shrink tunnel onto your conveyor perfectly sealed with a consistent shrink every time.

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Power Requirements:

  • 220 VAC, 30.0 Amps


  • Floor Foot Print 22” wide x 24” deep (56 cm X 61 cm)
  • Height – Variable 48” to 58” (120 cm to 146 cm)


  • Emergency Auto-Lift automatically lifts the tunnel to remove the heat source from the product and conveyor.
  • Heat-resistant curtain at tunnel entry helps maintain temperature inside the heat tunnel.
  • Sturdy, double-wall construction creates an extra barrier between the heating elements and the plant environment to help maintain the temperature inside the heat tunnel.
  • Near zero maintenance – just keep the tunnel insides clear of any banding or other material.
  • No contact! Our shrink band machine features stainless steel and anodized aluminum but never comes into contact with your bottles.
  • Seals up to 100 bottles per minute.
  • Works with containers from one inch to 10 inches high.

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