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5 Reasons Why Most Companies Are Switching From Tablets to Capsules For Their Dietary Supplements

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Are you creating a dietary supplement to help people with their health? Then choosing the right delivery system is important to help maximize the benefits the user is getting out of your product. This is is why most dietary supplement companies are turning to capsules to enclose their products instead of tablets. Here are some of the benefits capsules have, that tablets do not.


  1. Easier to Swallow: When making a dietary supplement for consumers, it is important to make that supplement easy for the consumer to take. Swallowing large pills is a concern that most consumers have. Putting your product into a capsule makes the pill smaller and easier to slide down the consumers throat.


  1. No Order or After Taste: One big benefit of a capsule, is there is not odor or smell when the capsule touches your tongue. This again makes it easier for the consumer to take and increases the likelihood of the consumer continuing to take your product.


  1. Breaks Down Quicker: This is the main benefit that capsule have. Most people had a hard time digesting supplement, so having a product that breaks down fast is important if you want to consumer to absorb the benefits of your product. It only take 15-30 minutes for a capsule to break down, verse a tablet taking 2-3 hours to break down.  


  1. Can Be Opened Up: Having a supplement that can be opened up and the content poured into a drink or food, is a huge benefit for consumers or small children that do not like or cannot swallow pills.


  1. Seal Help Block Oxygenation: Capsules are sealed and there for, prevent the contents inside from being exposed to oxygen. This is important when trying to keep your ingredients fresh and potent.


These are just some of the many benefits that capsules have for a dietary supplement. So let us know what you think. Do you prefer capsules or tablets when creating your products?