5 Benefits of An Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

By May 9, 2021Product Features

When it comes to choosing an automatic capsule filling machine, there are three options. There are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic (fedequipblog.fedequip.com). In this article, we will give you the following five benefits of automatic capsule filling machines:

  1. Speed 
  2. Quantity
  3. Efficiency
  4. Hands-off
  5. Capsule Variety


Automatic capsule fillers are capable of high speeds. However, some are faster than others. Part of the advantage these machines have is their automatic capabilities. You have the option to choose on with continuous motion (fedequipblog.fedequip.com), and that is great for quick production.


You can fill a lot of capsules at once. For instance, our TES-2000 fills a maximum of 120,000 capsules every hour (tesequipmentsupplier.com). Compare machines to choose the one that produces the best quantity and price for you.


If you choose the right filler, you can save time and maximize productivity. Think about what this would mean for your business? No doubt an automatic capsule filler is worth considering.


Not having to operate a machine manually is convenient, right? You do not have to add capsules or reconfigure the equipment routinely. Be sure to follow all directions and learn about your machine so that there are no unnecessary issues. This way you do not have to throw out all of your capsules.

Capsule Variety 

There are a variety of capsules you can fill with automatic capsule machines. Size 00-4 are standards for capsule fillers. Additionally, there are hard and soft gelatin capsules, and enteric-coated, sustained-release, and rectal capsules. The most common are hard and soft (www.studyread.com).

All of these features make the automatic capsule filling machine a great choice. Be sure to weigh an item’s worth when determining whether you are okay with the price. 

If you are looking to purchase your first capsule filling machine or you want to update your old one, start your search with TES Equipment Supplier. Visit the About Us section of our website at TESequipmentsupplier.com/about-us to learn about our leasing options, support, training, and equipment we offer. You may also call us at 801-225-7040 for more information.

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