Top Reasons Why to Choose TES Equipment Supplier for Automatic Capsule Filler

By February 3, 2021Product Features

It is important to choose the right automatic capsule filler. You want quality capsules, especially if you intend to sell them. Three characteristics that make our automatic capsule fillers the best choice:

  1. Equipment training
  2. High quantity capability
  3. Perks

Equipment Training

Training is important for proper handling of the equipment. This feature prevents accidents and enables you to maximize your use of our products. We offer five days of training for your employees at your facility (

High quantity capability

The capacity of our TES-900 automatic capsule filler is 54,000 per hour ( TES-1200 automatic capsule filler is 72,000 capsules each hour ( and our TES-2000 automatic capsule filler is 120,000 capsules per hour ( Automatic capsule filling machines are meant to be efficient, durable, and precise. This feature is an important part of choosing the right machine for you ( Also, this fast rate allows you to focus on maximizing your time and money.


Some features which come with our automatic capsule fillers are different speeds, safety features, dust and vacuum collectors, proximity and tamping sensors, and an operator touch screen. Moreover, we can fill capsules from sizes 00-4. These features make our product easier for our customers to use. In addition to all of these nice features, your purchase includes a 1-year warranty ( 

If you are looking to purchase your first capsule filling machine or you want to update your old one, start your search with TES Equipment Supplier. Visit the About Us section of our website at to learn about our leasing options, support, training, and equipment we offer.

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