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10 Benefits TES Equipment Supplier Offers Customers

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Purchasing large equipment for your business takes plenty of thought and planning. It helps to know there is a company relatively nearby that has the best interest of your company at heart. TES Equipment Supplier is the exclusive distributor of TES capsule fillers, mixers, capsule polishers, and other related equipment for North America and South America. We have the breadth of knowledge to help you with anything you need. We currently offer the following benefits to their customers:

  • Experience
  • Quality/Warranty
  • In-stock Parts
  • Tech Visits
  • Free 5-day Training
  • Installation
  • Free Support
  • Power
  • Partnerships
  • Financing/Lease Options

Choosing a Capsule Filling Machine in Utah

It feels good to put your trust in a time-tested company. TES Equipment Supplier has 23 years of experience providing reliable, high-quality machines, and customer service. When you’re making a large purchase that your business depends on, it helps to have the added benefit of years of practical skills in the industry on your side.

Quality and Warranty
TES offers the best warranty in this industry. How are we able to do this? We believe in the quality of our parts and machinery. All new machines come with a one-year warranty and free lifetime phone support. And we’re always here to service in-person, over the phone, or online any machine you need to be serviced. Because our slogan is, “Founded on warranty, focused on service,” we live that out daily by supporting your business and doing whatever we can to help it run successfully.

In-Stock Parts
Waiting on replacement parts to ship from China can mean huge financial losses for your business. We can manufacture many parts right here in Utah at our machine shop and ship them to you as quickly as possible. We also have an impressive inventory of in-stock spare parts. We don’t want you ever losing work and experiencing a loss to your business due to this kind of delay.

Tech Visits
Our technicians are superstars. Not only do they install your machine, but before your machine ever ships to you, a technician performs a function test to ensure it’s in order for delivery. And if you are located in Utah, we can have a technician out to service your equipment the same or next day! Service is a huge part of what we do and we show that by having fantastic technicians to support you.

Free 5-Day Training
Our technicians provide 5 days of on-site training for you and your operators. This is free with the purchase of a new machine. We intend to be sure you are able to use and maintain the machine properly. We are able to provide robust training such as this because we are in control of how our machines work–from the ground, up! The software is written in English and we have complete control over the planning of the user interface.

Because we put the machines together in our facility, installation is a very labor-intensive service that you will benefit from as a valued customer. The parts and machines are thoroughly cleaned, and the installation includes our trained technicians seeing the machine in action. We want you to feel comfortable using the machine. And we care enough to take painstaking care with every detail of the installation.

Free Support
Because we value your business, we want to be with you during your journey with our machines. As our treasured customer, you will have free access to our phone services and our online manuals, parts lists, instructional video library, and wire diagrams.

Our machines, on average, weigh 1,000 pounds more than our competitors’ machines. That is because our machines are far more powerful and are of high quality. Every part of our machine is made from stronger, more robust materials. Our goal is not to cut corners in our design and drop prices to be competitive. Don’t let yourself be fooled by lower prices. Our rigid parts and strength of materials lead to a smoother operation. This leads to a longer life of the machine.

By now you’ve realized we care about every aspect of your business needs. That includes your packaging line! That’s why we have partnered with excellent companies like APPS USA, CVC, and others to ensure you get the very best! Our partners are industry veterans. If we don’t make what you need, we will make it our mission to find it for you through one of our excellent partners.

Leasing/Financing Options
You could be looking at making a huge investment in your company when you purchase a pill encapsulator or any number of our machines. So we want to offer the opportunity for financing or leasing assistance. We know your business will benefit from the quality that TES offers. So let us help you get started with leasing and finance options.
The benefits that TES offers customers stem from a desire to treat every customer like a valued person and not just another number. We take great pride in our customers and everything that we build for them.

Contact us today by calling our talented sales team at 801-225-7040. And learn more about how we can help you with all your machinery and packaging needs. Click this link:

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Choosing a Capsule Filling Machine in Utah

Choosing a Capsule Filling Machine in Utah

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When you’re choosing a capsule filling machine, the company you purchase it from is just as important as choosing the machine itself. Luckily, you have at your disposal a Utah company that makes:

  • Automatic Encapsulators
  • Semi-Automatic Encapsulator
  • Packaging Equipment 

Trust us to help you find the best machine in Utah! and if we don’t make it, we will use our connections to industry leaders who can find whatever you need. We hope you will consider these 3 benefits when choosing an encapsulator in Utah:

  • The benefit of buying in Utah
  • The benefit of being near our facility
  • The benefit of trusting our expertise

Buying in Utah

There are two HUGE benefits to purchasing your encapsulator in Utah. Really, they’re the only two that matter:

  • Time
  • Money 

Need we say more?

When you purchase a machine manufactured on the other side of the globe, you take time away from being able to run your business. If you’re not producing, you’re not making money. Let’s say you have received your machine, but there is a problem with a damaged part. You have to wait, once again, for the shipping of a new part. If you’re in Utah, TES Equipment Supplier will get you whatever you need NEXT DAY. We know saving you time will save you money.

Choosing a Capsule Filling Machine in Utah


Being Nearby


If your machine is being used in a local facility, we can service your machine the same day you call! But even if you’re further away, we will come to you and ensure your machine is running like new no matter how old it is. We stand by our equipment. Our technicians are ready and willing to train your operators on how to use the machines. If you live out of state and need help, we also have our online guides to answer your questions.

Trusting Us

Choosing a capsule filling machine is more than pointing at the one that has the most bells and whistles. Our sales team will help you assess the full range of your needs. We will make sure to take into account:


  • Production speeds
  • Air requirements
  • Electric requirements 

Once you’ve chosen your machine, we will provide you with quotes to match your budget and, if necessary, we have multiple financing options available. 

Choosing an encapsulator in Utah is easy to do with the experts on your side. If you want the most convenient service, training, and support you’ll find them right here in Utah.

Visit us online at for everything you need to consider when buying an encapsulator.

Call Us at 801-225-7040


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Image Source: TES
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