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Buying used is a great way to save money. And you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice service or quality to do it. Most capsule filling sales sites offer gently-used machines at a discounted price and still offer their same level of service, protection, and training. When you begin your search for a used capsule filler, seek out information regarding these things:

1. Support and Service

  • Good Photographs of the Machine
  • Contact for Questions or Training Purposes
  • Positive Seller Rating

2. Location of Seller

Capsule Filling Machine

1. Customer Support or Service

Service will vary based on the website from which you purchase your machine. Many websites sell their used equipment while offering the exact same level of service as if you had purchased a brand new machine. However, there are science and lab supply sites that are merely a portal through which sellers can post their items for sale.

A trustworthy seller will post clear, well-lit photos of the machinery and be able to explain it clearly., for instance, is an online store which sellers can join to sell their machinery (new or used) and be paid via PayPal. You will need to deal directly with the seller in that situation, rather than contacting for your service questions. (

capsule filling machine

2. Location of Seller

Keep in mind that when purchasing a used item, you may be relying on the seller to arrange for shipping of the item. If the machine will need to make a long journey across one or multiple states, you will want to assess the seller’s protocol for shipments. A shipping quote may be required, which can take as many as 3 days. So, be sure to learn as much as you can about the seller’s shipping method before purchasing from them so that your machine does not arrive damaged. (

capsule filling machine

Buying a used capsule filling machine takes as much research as buying a new one, plus a little more. No matter how much money you are saving do to buying used, you are still investing thousands of dollars into your business and want to rest assured that you are investing not only in the machine, but in the company. Will the company or seller support your requests for shipping or your need for training with the equipment? Finding out their level of involvement once the machine is purchased is crucial to knowing if you want to purchase from them in the first place.

Invest in a machine backed by  a company that cares about customer service over time. Call us at 801-225-7040 and visit the About Us section of our website at to find more support for your capsule filling machine purchase needs.

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