Three Questions to Ask When Buying a Capsule Polisher

By December 2, 2020FAQs and Tips

As with any large purchase, you should do your research before purchasing a new capsule polishing machine. Knowing how you intend to use it and how much you have to spend are crucial before handing your money over for the machine of your choice. This article will discuss the questions you should ask before choosing your capsule polisher and how the answers to those questions will aid you in making the best possible informed decision. 

  1. What is my budget?
  2. Do I need this machine?
  3. Is a Capsule polishing machine cost-effective?

What is my Budget?

Without a set budget in mind, it is impossible to decide where to begin shopping. Since a capsule polishing machine is such an advanced precision instrument for professional pharmacies, you are looking at spending upwards of $1,500 on an average machine. Depending on the number of capsules you want polished and at what speed, you could even spend over $4,000. When setting your budget, you need to determine how much income you will be able to gain from having such a machine. If it will benefit your business and increase profits, then it should fit into your budget.(

Do I Need This Machine?

If you are planning to distribute and sell capsules, then you absolutely need a capsule polisher. Packing capsules requires blisters to seal and pieces to fit properly together. If excess powder builds up on your capsule filling machine and in all the tools you use to package the capsules, you will find yourself with capsules that appear messy, dirty, and unprofessional. Three things are especially important (in regards to the product) for the clients who purchase capsules from you:

  • Hygiene
  • Consistency
  • Neatness of Appearance

Just imagine trying to swallow a capsule that is covered in a sticky dust. The taste alone would be so off-putting you would most likely be unable to swallow it even with copious amounts of water!


Clients will not want to spend their money on something they would not want to put in their bodies. With any product, appearance is paramount. The capsule polishing machine is essential to your business for that fact alone. (

Is it Cost-Effective?

Manual capsule-filling, polishing, and sorting is slow work. And to hire it done for you is expensive in the long-term. A machine does not need health benefits, sick leave, time off, or human resources. It is an up-front investment for long term savings. A capsule polisher is capable of handling 300,000 capsules in a single hour. And with that high of an output done by human hands, there are bound to be some errors. But with the polishing machine, accuracy is constantly upheld. (

Purchasing your capsule polishing machine will improve your productivity and help grow your business. Doing your research and understanding which questions to ask will lead you to the right choice. Your budget, your needs, and the long-term cost of running your machine should all come into consideration.


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