Guide for the Best Capsule Filling Machine

By November 18, 2020FAQs and Tips

Purchasing your own capsule filling machine is a long-term investment. It should be planned and executed with great caution and meticulous research. Your idea of “the best” can differ greatly from someone else’s opinion. So, it is crucial that you research the best capsule filling machine for your needs. Expect to spend anywhere between $200 and $1,000, depending on the model you choose.

And most importantly, bear in mind your requirements and wants. This way you can see them met properly by the machine you choose without lacking anything.

Three steps you should take to purchase the best capsule filling machine:

  1.   Price the Capsules You Plan to Use (

        Joined capsules are cheaper but can only be used in automatic capsule filling machines. They are easier to load because you load the entire capsule at once, rather than loading in two separate pieces.

        Separated capsules cost more and are only to be used in manual machines. With manual machines, you first load the bottom of the capsule, then manually fill each one, then place the cap on top.



  1.   Decide How Much you are Willing to Spend on the Machine Itself.

        Manual machines are a fraction of the price of automatic machines but manual machines require a more expensive type of capsule and take much longer to fill.

  1.   Read Product Reviews Before Making your Purchase!

        If you choose a machine that has the price point you like, there may still be negative aspects to its design. And you won’t know what those flaws are until you have already purchased it. Remember that most manufacturers do not allow the return of a capsule filling machine unless it is damaged. (



Make sure that you read as many user reviews with verified purchase of the same machine you are planning to buy. What is its usability rating? How satisfied is the user? Weigh each opinion against your own expectations of the product, then make your final verdict.

The three-step process is effective and easy to follow! Once you have priced your capsules, remember to focus on your desired price range for the machine while shopping. And after reading reviews, you will have found the best capsule filling machine. 

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