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October 2020

Five Tips for Buying a Capsule Filling Machine

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Capsule filling machines pose benefits both to consumers and business owners alike. They can save you time and money whether you are providing supplements to consumers or taking capsules for your own health reasons. But you may be feeling overwhelmed when shopping for one. This article discusses five things to consider when purchasing a capsule filling machine.

1. Size of Machine
2. Contents of Capsules
3. Size of Capsules
4. Budget
5. Purpose


1. Size

The size of the machine you purchase will impact every other aspect of the buying process listed above. The four sizes of machines can serve purposes of home, small-business, or large company use. Obviously, the largest machine is geared more toward large companies and pharmacies. That will be reflected in the price and number of capsules it fills at one time. But the size of the capsules it holds will also be impacted by the size of the machine you choose. (

2. Contents of Capsules

The contents of the capsules is important to note. If you intend to use a powder, just be sure to mix it well and sift it finely to get an even mixture. However, if you plan to use any liquid or oil you will need to purchase a dropper separately. Also important to note is that any liquid that contains water will soften the gel that makes up the capsule, thereby compromising its integrity. You won’t want to let those types of capsules sit in a jar for as long as you would let your powdered supplement capsules sit waiting to be used. (

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3. Size of Capsules

Be aware when deciding what size capsule you want to use in your filler machine, you need to be prepared to swallow a large pill if you choose the largest size. Capsules generally range in size from 00 to 5. The sizes most often used in the supplement market are sizes 00-2 because they are of the smaller range and are therefore more versatile and easier to swallow. However, it is important to remember that each capsule holds a certain weight, not necessarily a volume. So, your ‘supplement powder A’ may not fit in a capsule even if it weighs the same as your ‘supplement powder B.’ (

4. Budget

Budget is the most basic aspect of shopping for your capsule filler. There are sites specifically devoted to selling capsule filling machines. Devices on sites like offer machines that can suit a compounding pharmacy and sell for as little as $25 and as much as a car at upwards of $15,000. Part of the difference in price is due, in part, to the machines’ respective capabilities. For instance, the $25 model is manual and can only fill 20 capsules at a time. The $15,000 model can process 50,000 pieces per hour and is a semi-automatic machine. There are also fully automatic machines for sale. So, the wide price range allows for many budget options as you shop. (

5. Purpose

Lastly, it is crucial before buying a capsule filler that you have determined for what purpose you will be using it. And is the machine you have chosen fast, user-friendly, and sturdy enough to stand up to the amount of work you intend to perform? For instance, if you are making your own supplement capsules for personal use because you dislike the taste of your supplements in powdered form, you could spend about $40 on Amazon or as little as $16. These machines are basic and simple. They take precision and time. They take patience. If you’re low on time or patience or you have many capsules to fill and want to have less of a workload, you can look on websites that specialize in capsule fillers. But keep in mind, the more high-tech the machine is the more space it will take up! (

capsule filler

There is a wealth of information out there about capsule filling machines. No matter your budget or specific capsule-filling needs, there is a machine for you. In fact, TES Equipment Supplier even offers used equipment on their website! Buying used is a great way to save money and still get a quality, guaranteed piece of machinery. Visit their website at or call them at 801-225-7040 for help choosing your capsule filler.

July 15, 2020: Initial list with Changeover Guide, 2 Capsule Orientation Alignment Guides, and the Closing Station Alignment Guide.

July 27, 2020: Added Air Regulator Guide.

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