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May 2020

TES 5 Semi Auto Capsule Filler - Front View

TES 5 Semi Automatic Capsule Filler Overview

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TES offers a wide range of machinery for our customers in order to fit their needs. From multi-million capsule runs to smaller batches, TES has equipment for each job. On the side of smaller scale jobs and newer businesses starting out, we offer the TES 5, our semi-automatic encapsulator. We make changes and upgrades to our machines year by year to keep up with your needs, and to make your business as efficient as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the features the TES 5 has to make your operators jobs easier. 

Capsule Feeding Station

TES 5 Capsule Filling Station

First, the TES 5 features a smooth rotation system for capsule feeding. In previous models we used a ratchet pawl with a gear with set stops. This worked well, but adjusting the ratchet blade to work perfectly took a bit of time to get right in training, and by the time customers had to do it again when the blade wore down some, they lost more time than needed because the adjustment wasn’t as simple as it could have been. The new system is a continual rotation of the capsule ring, timed to be in line with the magazine. Timing it the first time is simpler, and with no ratchet blade dragging against the gear, you shouldn’t have to re-time as frequently since there’s no real wear part now. 

Dosing Station

TES 5 Dosing StationAfter your capsule ring is full and the capsules have separated, next up is the dosing station. The TES 5 uses a fairly straightforward system. An auger presses the powder into the capsules, and the dose is controlled by the speed of the capsule ring rotation as well as the speed of the auger itself. More weight is gained by slowing down the rotation speed  and/or speeding up the auger itself. Less weight with the opposite. The speed dials are marked so you can set SOPs for individual products or capsule sizes as needed.

Closing and Ejection Station

TES 5 Closing / Ejection StationThe final component is the closing and ejection station. Simply put your capsule ring on the closing station pin ring, lock it in place, push the drawer in, wait for the capsules to be closed, then pull the drawer back out, and rotate the entire station to drop your capsules into the bin below. This station hasn’t changed much over the years, since it’s already worked so well. The TES 5 has only really added some more protection to the shafts and bearings involved in the process so they don’t get dirty as easily.


The TES 5 Semi Automatic Encapsulator is the perfect machine for smaller jobs or starting out in encapsulation production. It’s simple to operate, and comes with 3 days of training and setup at your facility to get you up and running. If you want to find out more or get a quote from us contact us here.

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