Bottom of the Machine Changes

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Bottom of TES 1200A Machine, Bottom of the Machine Changes

TES-A Series: Bottom of the Machine Changes

TES is always working to make things better for the customer. Better service, more options, better machines. This is part of a series of blog posts where we’re covering the improvements made to the TES Automatic Capsule Fillers for 2019. There’s an introduction to the new machines here, a more in depth look at the Capsule Orientation Station changes over here, and the Dosing Station changes can be seen here. We hope to have covered all the bottom of the machine changes.

This final post talking about the new features of the TES Automatic Capsule fillers will talk about a few changes we made to the machine underneath the table.

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel on the TES 2000 A

This year we decided to move the electrical panel to the side of the machine. Most of the time when you need to get to the main shaft, you need to get to it from the front or back of the machine. The back has a smaller door to make room for vacuum and power hookups, so the front is the best place, but getting into it required moving the electrical panel, which is fine until you need to quickly check something, close up the bottom, and then get back to running. It just adds some extra steps and time, so now you can get into the front much more quickly.

Main Shaft

Fully enclosed cams on a TES 2000 A = a quieter machine

On the main shaft, we changed out some of the cams. Previously, smaller cams were open-style cams. These work fine for stations that need a smaller cam follower, or smaller machines. We changed them to reduce noise and to further minimize shaking that occurs with normal machine operation. This is mostly a quality of life type feature rather than one that improves functionality of the machine.

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