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Introducing The New TES A-Series Capsule Fillers


In this blog post, we will be introducing the new TES A-Series Capsule Fillers. At TES we’re always looking at ways to make our machinery more efficient, both from production capability to quality of life fixes to make the machine easier to maintain and run. In this post we’ll look at an overview of the bigger changes in this year’s model. Then, in the next few posts, we’ll go into each of the changes with a little more detail. (Please note that the TES 1200 got the same changes this year with the new 1200A, but we’ll be focusing on the 2000A here to show them off.)

Introducing The New TES A-Series Capsule Fillers


Dosing Station

This year we’ve changed how the tamping blocks look, and the way that the tamping springs and pins are held in the block itself. This makes tearing these down and changing pin sizes or cleaning them easier. It also helps reduce the chance of a bolt falling into your bowl if it wasn’t tightened enough.

Introducing The New TES A-Series Capsule Fillers

Capsule Orientation Station

There are a lot of adjustments to make in the orientation station. Vertical forks / magazine height, how far the horizontal forks are pushing capsules out into the sorting block, aligning the magazine to the segments, and the vacuum shoes under the segments. This year we wanted to minimize some of the work in getting these to align by fixing some parts in place so you don’t have to worry about them as much.

Introducing The New TES A-Series Capsule Fillers

Main Shaft / Electrical Panel

The other major change this year is with the electrical panel and the cams for the main shaft. We moved the electrical panel to the side of the machine instead of the front, so you’ll be able to get to the cams quicker. This means re-greasing them or checking on wear should be easier now. Beyond that, the cams on the shaft are all enclosed now, as opposed to outer tracks on some of the smaller ones. This should keep the movements smoother on them, so the machine runs quieter.

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