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3 Tips for Machine Upkeep

Getting the most out of your machine can have massive effects on your bottom line. Depreciation can really eat at profits so it’s good to be able to get the most out of your machine. Here are 3 tips for machine upkeep…


1. Train your operators

Encapsulation equipment ran by a well trained operator is highly important. It is the difference between jobs getting done on time, and not getting a job out the door. For example, because of unexpected down times from a crash that could have been prevented. Maybe because someone didn’t know how to properly set an alignment on the machine. Make sure operators know how to run the machine and how to align the machine. Even if they aren’t doing full maintenance, they should know how to identify where a problem may be occurring. Identifying the problem can get it resolved quickly to get operation started up again as quickly as possible.


2. Regular and proper cleaning

Even if you are running the same product, or aren’t doing change overs for different size capsules very often, there should be regularly scheduled teardowns and cleaning of areas that are in contact with product regularly, like the dosing station. Check our manuals for your machine to see our recommendation for your machinery and follow it. Dirty machines lead to increased likelihood of frequently moving parts to go bad, and cause damage somewhere on the machine.


3. Follow maintenance guidelines

There are lots of moving parts on a machine and they all need to be able to move freely and work correctly. Make sure you’re checking the movement on bearings, cleaning and re-greasing cams, the turret, or moving parts in a top cam. Make sure things below the table are tight, that there’s not excessive wear on cams, or that something isn’t out of time. Understanding and doing the long term maintenance, even if it costs a few days of production, can be the difference between your machine lasting just a few years to lasting 20 or more.

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