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January 2019

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The Incredible Power of Encapsulating Machines

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The Incredible Power of Encapsulating Machines

You will not believe the incredible power of encapsulating machines! Health is wealth! Life only has meaning when you have a healthy body and a healthy mind. This is why the fields of medical and health sciences have been taken very seriously over time. These days, there has been a lot of attraction and patronage of herbal supplements by our generation. The importance of herbal supplements cannot be overemphasized. Because of the inadequacy of nutrients in our food, that is to say, because our foods fail to provide us with all of the nutrients that our bodies need, food supplements have become very popular.

Most times, food supplements come in various forms and styles ranging from syrups, tablets and cases capsules. Capsules are the most attractive forms of medication today. And so in a bid to make food supplements more attractive, there is the increasing need to encapsulate food supplements. That is to say, producing the supplements in capsule form.

TES is a brand that has come alive to help you achieve a very nice finish for your supplements.

Our vision

We believe in building a society where health is prioritized and placed above every other phenomenon. In doing that, we are helping provide food supplements to all members of the society, and at the same time, giving out these supplements in a fine attractive capsule that will be easy to patronize and easy to enjoy by all members if the society and the public at large. At TES, we are founded on warranty and focused on service.

The Incredible Power of Encapsulating Machines

Our machines

To ensure adequate encapsulating of food supplements, we are employing the best of standards. With state of the art machines, our capsule fillers provide a fine finishing for herbal supplements to all. We also provide state of the art inspection tables, mixers, polishers, and more.

Your success is important to us. Your business success is our success. That is why we are willing to provide you with superior machines that will give you the best result, a beautiful looking capsule for your herb supplement at the end of the process. Because we know that you’re the way your product looks, reflects back on your company. To get a beautiful looking capsule every time. We do not just provide you with the machines. We go the extra mile by providing you with a range of professionals who can perform onsite training and answer questions whenever you need it, to help maximize your efficiency.

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