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Encapsulation Equipment

TES has been selling and servicing our quality encapsulation equipment for over 25 years. We can get you the capsule filler to fit your manufacturing needs, train you on it's operation, and provide long term support to keep your business thriving.


Mixing / Blending

We offer several types of mixer for all the products you manufacture. Multidirectional mixers, V blenders, Ribbon and Paddle blenders. For any scale of blending you're looking for and whatever style best meets your needs, TES has you covered.


Packaging Lines

At TES we can get your packaging equipment, help you draw up and plan out how it will fit in your facility, and provide packaging line integration services. From planning to setup to operation, we can take care of you.


Reliable, quality machines.

TES has put years of effort into our machines. Every year we make improvements and modifications to make them easier to operate and maintain. We make our own Automatic Encapsulators, and Semi Automatic Encapsulators as well as some packaging equipment. Even if we don’t make it, we partner with several industry veterans to fill out the rest of your packaging line.

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Don’t lose production time waiting for parts.

When you get a directly imported machine out of China you cost your business money. Upfront costs are a little lower, but when anything breaks down,  you won’t have quick access to parts. Have a crash and a segment is dented?  You’re down for days to weeks waiting for replacement parts. TES has all wear parts for our encapsulators in stock in Utah, and can get you anything the next day if you need it. This keeps you producing product more consistently, and keeps your business thriving.

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Support you can count on.

If you need to train a new operator, or a visit from a tech, TES has you covered. Local Utah customers can get visits the same day, and if you’re further from our facility we can schedule a visit as well. If an out of state visit will be too far off, you can call us, video chat, or check out our online support documents, or guides and FAQs. Whether your machine is one year old or ten, TES techs are available to help you keep it running its best.

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Featured Machines

TES 2000A

Automatic Capsule Filler

TES 3000A

Automatic Capsule Filler

TCP 100

Capsule Polisher

TES 150

Bottle Unscrambler

How do I get started?

1. Assess Needs

Talk with our sales staff about what machines you need. We’re here to help figure out the best fit for your operation needs. We’ll cover everything from production speeds to air and electrical requirements you would need.

2. Get Quotes

After we determine what machines you need, we’ll get you some quotes on them, and any spare parts you would want. Then you can get financing or we can put you in contact with some options we’ve used in the past.

3. Arrange Shipping

Next we’ll pick a ship date and make shipping arrangements. We can schedule freight shipping, but if you would like to take care of that, that’s an option as well. We’re here to help either way.

4. Installation

Finally, when you get the machine to your facility we’ll send out a tech to help with installation and provide 3-5 days of training with a new machine. (Depending on the model and time needed) We’ll get your operators up to speed on the machine and running by the end of the training.

TES Equipment Supplier wants you to be successful, that all starts with the correct machine and trained personnel to operate it. Start smart. Start with TES.

We have over 25 years of experience with capsule filling equipment. This has helped us to make great, user-friendly machines.


We pride ourselves in having a huge inventory of spare parts to help keep you running as much as possible. If we don’t have it, we will make it.

TES 3000 Capsule Filler machine front view

TES machines are very reliable. The first machine we sold is still in production today, well over 20 years later! We work hard so you don’t have to!


From installation and training at your facility, to over the phone, online and technician support, TES has you covered. Don’t do it alone.